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Messiah being called "Lord" does not mean he is  YHWH

Many people are misled into trinitarian doctrines by the word "lord", Yahushua is called "lord", therefore some are led to think he is YHWH due to this word.

1st off, YHWH is the true Lord, as there is nothing higher than him, however there are many things which are called lord.

If you are a lord in this world, that does not mean you are YHWH.

Anyone over another can be called lord or master, and in fact a lord, can have a lord, who has a lord, who has a lord even over him.
We need to establish that this is a word with a meaning and is not an exclusive title for only YHWH.

Sarah in the bible even called her husband Abraham lord.

Bible translations and modern documents have done violence to the scriptures by trying to delete the most holy name of our Father YHWH due to commandments of men saying that no one should say the true name of the creator but they should remove it and instead use "the LORD".

Also some people simply do not want foreigners to know and speak YHWH's name, as if it was only for them to be blessed by.

I will go over that more on page 19 "The Names".

YHWH gave us his name and is the one who put it in our scriptures, so it is foolish to say that you know better than Elohim and remove it.
This also could be the work of Evil, though YHWH has allowed it, and it may have actually been his will.

There is a positive side to this wrong, and that is only his people seek out and know his name, and all of the wicked heathen who attempt to dishonor our Father, are not using his name, and when they don't know his name they can not pollute it.

Due to this tradition, inside of translations of the scriptures, it calls YHWH "the LORD", and sometimes "GOD", using all upper case letters.

Inside of the "new testament" this tradition has been followed and for these documents the common public does not have the originals to know for certain where the set apart name YHWH was located, we have to make an educated guess, sometimes it is very easy, and in some instances it seems we don't have access to a source to know for certain.

Since the translators do not know where the name of YHWH was, they won't put Lord or God in all upper case letters to inform you when he is being spoken of, so YHWH and the Messiah both will be referred to in the New Testament as Lord.

This is important to know because this knowledge changes how you understand many scriptures, and if someone does not know it, they will think some scriptures are talking about the Messiah when they're really talking about YHWH, and can mislead them into trinity doctrine acceptance.

So be mindful of this information if you see the lord by itself in "the new testament".

I have now seen more recent translations altering the scriptures in their translations of the New Testament, some are now changing the word "lord" to all capital letters like "LORD", which misleads readers into linking this "lord" to the same "lord" they see all through the Old Testament section of the Bible.
This can trick you into accepting doctrine's of men, and this also shows how these modern translations and teachings are evolving, and the people are accepting of it.

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