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Misconception over "straining out a gnat"

There is a misconception about "straining out a gnat", and people misuse these words.

Matthew 23:24 "You blind guides! Straining out a gnat, but swallowing a camel!"

Some people are using the words "straining out the gnats" as if they are something bad.

For example one may say, you're straining gnats, or stop straining out gnats, as if this action is bad, and also as if this is what the scripture actually teaches about, but it doesn't.

When taken in context, "straining out the gnats" is something we should do, it is a good thing, but what is not good is doing that but turning around and swallowing the camel.

So they have not bothered to understand the verse in context.

The point is, they were focusing on small things, and then turning around and committing great wrongs.

We can see examples of this, and it shows they were not behaving as righteous men of Elohim, such as when they paid Judas for betraying Yahushua so they could murder him, that money was given back to them, and they said it wasn't lawful to use that blood money for something.

When I read that in the scriptures, it left me in shock that they would turn around and act like they cared about obeying the law.

Their behavior was blind and foolish, they had just been working to murder, murder the most righteous and innocent man who was the son of Elohim, but then was going to turn around and care about a lesser law as if they wouldn't break it!

It may also be important to point out that gnats and camels are both unclean animals we are told to not eat.

So, why would a human sit trying to pick out every tiny hard to see bug in his food and water, and then after all that effort, turn around and swallow a giant camel, something that is much larger than a gnat, and something that is much more visible for him to avoid eating.

One may eat small gnats on accident, but how can you say swallowing an entire camel is an accident when it's so obvious, and what was the point of picking out those small gnats if you're just going to swallow a camel.
Such men need to repent and try to come out of such blindness, and not deceive themselves.

In addition to the misunderstandings above, sometimes people will in response to you sharing the commandments of YHWH say "you're straining out gnats", as if it's a bad thing to worry about the commandments and that they want you to stop.

Though knowing "straining out gnats" in context, what they're saying doesn't make sense.

If they're saying it in a bad way then you would have to take it to mean we are committing and ignoring great sins, but they usually have just confused the meaning of the saying, and also carry misconceptions that the law is abolished and there is no point in looking into it.