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Acts 10                                                                                                        Peter's vision about all manner of unclean creatures

There is a false teaching concerning Acts chapter 10, where Peter has a vision, and modern teachers are missing the point of the vision, and teaching that it means to stop keeping the Law of YHWH.

QUICK ANSWER: There is no commandment given in Acts 10, and neither is there any instruction given saying to ignore a previous commandment.
Also if there was, Peter is not 1 in authority to give us commandments.
The unclean animals in Peter's vision represented gentiles(foreign people), not unclean animals, it really had nothing to do with animals and us eating them.
The point and meaning of the vision was to not call the gentiles that have been cleansed by YHWH common or unclean, they're saved just like we are, they're made clean when they join themselves to YHWH, they're no longer a gentile but grafted in.
The text actually clearly says this if you just read it.

Since the beginning of my repentance and turning to YHWH to serve him, I have had modern teachers try and get me to sin against YHWH to eat unclean foods, and they tried to convince me Acts chapter 10 says that it's okay.

Also, some seem to twist Acts 10 and say it's directed at the people who are still obeying the Law, and it's telling them to stop, as if it's not in line with the truth and they're missing some point.
Acts 10 says no such thing, it is only blind men who are stating such nonsense.

1st off, if any supposed scripture tells us to ignore the word of YHWH, then it is not really scripture from him.

Modern people tend to treat kosher requirements like they're really no big deal or like they're lesser commandments,
but l
et me remind everyone that the very first sin of man that brought death into the world was the transgression of a food commandment!

Don't fall for these weak attempts of men to try and justify their love for eating more than their love for YHWH.
They're lusting with their tongues for flesh that YHWH has said is an abomination to eat, detestable.

The book of Acts like the rest of the Bible never says to disobey YHWH, rather Acts multiple times fully teaches us to obey YHWH if we read in context.

I will not write out all of Acts 10 to keep this as simple as possible, so I will just explain it and you can go read Acts 10 in context for yourself afterward, to see nowhere does it say to eat unclean animals and ignore the word of YHWH.

There is a gentile(foreigner) named Cornelius who fears
YHWH and does good, an angel appeared to Cornelius in a vision and told him to send men to the disciple Peter and bring him to the house of these gentiles.

Now after this, Peter who they were in the process of going to fetch, went up on his roof to pray and he fell into a trance and seen a vision, in the vision he seen all manner of animals on the earth coming down from the heavens from
YHWH, and YHWH spoke and said to Peter, kill and eat.
Peter didn't though, and said he would not because he had never in his life eaten anything that was common or unclean.
(note here that this shows Peter was still keeping clean and unclean laws after Yahushua had been sacrificed and and risen, it shows the Messiah never told Peter to do away with clean and unclean foods.
Also just to point out, Peter should have eaten no matter what it was, since YHWH told him to, the entire reason we obey the command is because YHWH told us to
Now after Peter said that to YHWH,
YHWH said to Peter that what he has made clean, do not call common or unclean.

So at that point, many people who do not really invest time into learning the word and their heart is not really set on understanding the entire bible, will stop reading there, and then spread teachings for people to eat whatever they want even though YHWH commanded us not to do that.
However, I assure you, the pig at the supermarket
YHWH has not cleansed, and there are future prophecies yet to be fulfilled specifically talking out against those who eat pork.

So it is important to focus on, this is not a commandment for mankind, nowhere will you see YHWH in Acts 10 giving us a commandment, and neither did he say anywhere in Acts 10 that he was changing his mind on a previous commandment that he gave us to keep forever.

Peter did not have the authority to give us commandments either, Moses was put in that authority to be a mediator, and Yahushua as well.
If a normal prophet comes to us and claims we should add to or take away from the Law, then we know they're not telling the truth.

This misconception over Acts 10 can be combined with other twisted teachings, and all of these misconceptions together can give people an illusion that these sort of things really are a common theme taught throughout the new testament, when they're not, and their leaders are just misleading them to see the text in that twisted view.

So moving on, right after Peter's vision it says that he had no clue what the vision even meant!

So if it says Peter didn't know what it meant yet, then I am not sure why so many people are jumping to conclusions since 1st off, Peter didn't even understand what it meant, and 2nd this indicates it was a vision with a meaning that has to be figured out.
So up to this point that meaning has not been explained out in the text.

While Peter was trying to figure out what the vision meant, the gentile men showed up looking for him, then
YHWH through his spirit told Peter do not hesitate with them because YHWH has sent them.

Now skipping forward a bit, later at Acts 10:28, Peter has figured out what the vision meant, the unclean animals in the vision represented the gentile men, not unclean animals, it really had nothing to do with eating animals, it was a lesson.

YHWH was saying to Peter, do not call the gentiles that have been cleansed by YHWH common or unclean!

Those who serve
YHWH are accepted by him and Yahushua the messiah cleansed ALL OF MAN of their sins and uncleanness, not only one race of man!
(The Messiah did not die to cleanse pork bacon!)

So please do not be led astray by false witnesses of the bible who have not read all of it in context.

Read the scriptures in full and consider them all and you will not be able to be led astray by those spreading these obvious false doctrines.

If you eat that which
YHWH has told you that you must never eat, then you're sinning against YHWH our Father, and the Messiah died to pardon our sins, if we keep sinning intentionally we're trying to make it so he died for nothing.

Hebrews 10:26 "For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the opposers"

Matthew 5:19 "Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach others to do the same,  shall be called the least in the kingdom of the heavens, but whosoever shall do and teach them the same, shall be called great in the kingdom of the heavens"