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Misconception that we are Sinning if  We Don't Sacrifice

There are some who will claim that we are sinning since we are not keeping the commandments that have to do with sacrifices.

I see this mostly aimed at those who are Law keepers and are rebuking the lawless for not keeping the commandments, and they say this trying in some way to justify their wicked actions.

The first thing to be known is,
YHWH knows there is no temple, it was HIS temple, and he was the one that had it destroyed, and he surely knew ahead of time exactly what would happen.

YHWH commanded that no one make a sacrifice unless it is at his appointed place, and that place is at his temple in Yerusalem, so we are forbidden to sacrifice anywhere other than his temple, and we must follow the commandments concerning the sacrifices.

So we're not intentionally sinning when we do not make sacrifices according to the Law, however 1 could still break them in their heart if they say they would not fulfill them.

If anyone anywhere makes a sacrifice today, they're actually sinning, since they will not be offering the sacrifice at the appointed place.

YHWH's people do not just sacrifice things all over the place and whenever they feel like it.

The commandments in the Law dealing with sacrifices are still important and they're the word of YHWH, but currently they are unable to be fulfilled since there is no temple and no priests to perform the temple services.