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Misconception Over "ceremonial law"

Some are falsely teaching that a part of the law is done away with, and this part they're claiming is done away with, they call the "ceremonial laws".

While some people may accept the Law is still to be kept, they may still fall for other false teachings that trick them into ignoring part of the Law and saying it's done away with.

This teaching is not inside of the scriptures at all, and is purely created by men.

"Ceremonial law" is not ever mentioned.
The law is the law, and it is all eternal, we are not taught that there are a distinct group of "ceremonial" laws.
We are taught that it's all the Word of YHWH, and important for us to listen to.

Some modern translations may help teach such things by inserting "ceremonial" in the new testament, so make sure you check your translation, and read in context.

More coming later.