His Word is Truth

Unadulterated Biblical Truth

Galatians 5:2 - Galatians 5:4

(In dev)

There is a misconception which is very popular to be thrown around in modern Christianity to rebuke the Eternal Law of Elohim.
 Lawless men who hate the Law will say;

"If you keep the Law, then you have to keep all of it", as if that was a bad thing.

Let me be more clear, they will imply that if you would even attempt to keep any of the commandments, then you are setting yourself up for catastrophic failure, because when you try to keep any commandment then you must keep every single dot of the Law, or else face the most severe penalty if you fail at even a single dot of the Law.

Real quick, the Messiah is the one who said this;

Matthew 5:18 "For truly I say unto you, until the heavens and the earth perish, a single letter or a single dot will in no way perish from the Law"

Now, those making these sort of claims are twisting and corrupting the teaching from Paul at Galatians 5:2.

They make this statement as if it was a bad thing you would have to keep the Law, which in itself is a wicked thought because it is the commandment of the living Elohim
YHWH and the Law is a blessing to every man.
 Don't even you want people to obey the commandments to not kill you and steal all of your things?

Too often, they will also go through a routine of naming various commandments, like it is funny, and then smugly asking, "have you sacrificed any animals lately?", implying that you have not sacrificed so you are not keeping the Law.

YHWH is the one who gave the commandments so they're laughing and ridiculing his word, so indeed we see these people lie if they say they know him, and they are also clueless that you can only sacrifice at the temple of YHWH, something we learn from YHWH.

If the temple was to be rebuilt today then yes we would be obligated to make sacrifices there if we are required because the Law is eternal and we were commanded to keep it, the Messiah himself said not a single dot even would perish from any of the law until the heavens and the earth perish.

Paul was actually talking about salvation and rebuking the people who were going around teaching a false doctrine and false gospel, that you are saved through the Law.

That is not the true gospel, the truth is that we are saved through Messiah
Yahushua and if you reject him and the new covenant, and seek salvation through the Law only, then yes you must keep the entire Law perfectly or else you no longer have salvation, so such people who would reject salvation through the Messiah really better not sin a single time in their entire life!

We all know we slip up at least from time to time and we have sinned at least once in our life, so we NEED pardoning. 

We are still required to keep the Law, if you are not keeping the Law to the best of your ability then you have not repented from wickedness yet.

Those who say this contradict and condemn themselves. 
 By what they are teaching then that means if you keep the commandment to not murder then you have to keep the entire Law, or if you keep the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself then you have to keep the entire Law, or if you keep the commandment to help the needy then you must keep the entire Law, etc..